My Style Goals- pieces I want to add to my own closet

Long time no talk. It has been a while since I last posted on here, and to say I’ve missed writing about what I love most is an understatement. The main reason for my break is the hectic past several months I’ve had, and the biggest change I’ve experienced in my life thus far: goingContinue reading “My Style Goals- pieces I want to add to my own closet”

my favorite past Grammy looks

As a major music fan and someone who is obsessed with the entire entertainment industry, the Grammys is one of my favorite nights a year. The outfits, the awards, the performances, the drama of it all. I have watched the Grammys each year for as long as I can remember and look forward to themContinue reading “my favorite past Grammy looks”

The Versatility of a Baby Tee

I am obsessed with all things y2k- music, movies, celebrities, and, of course, fashion. There are few things that can bring me as much fulfillment as a Von Dutch trucker and Juicy Couture track suit can. But, possibly my favorite trend from the early 2000s (and even 90s) is baby tees- which have, fortunately, madeContinue reading “The Versatility of a Baby Tee”

Happy Birthday to the Most Fashionable Man in Music

Harry Styles is the most fashionable man in the music industry today. Is this a controversial opinion? Probably. Am I biased? Some would say. Is it justifiable? Absolutely. I am a full blown Harry Styles stan- it is no secret. I have a cardboard cutout of him in my room, a pillow with his faceContinue reading “Happy Birthday to the Most Fashionable Man in Music”

The Biden and Harris Families have Style

Every four years America faces another presidential inauguration- a day typically defined by hope, inspiration, and, of course, fashion. Each inauguration we watch on our TV’s and take in the new white house residents and their families, silently (or vocally) judging their fashion choices. There has been some good (i.e. Jackie Kennedy’s iconic 1961 lookContinue reading “The Biden and Harris Families have Style”

The Magic of Miuccia and Raf

The Raf Simmons and Miuccia Prada collaboration was one that none of us saw coming, but one that we can all stand behind. After a rocky first womenswear collection last fall, the duo have finally seemed to find their footing, revealing a beautiful collection mixing staples from both of their brands and alluding to historicalContinue reading “The Magic of Miuccia and Raf”

Donatella is Doing Better

Donatella’s reign as the chief creative officer at Versace has been rather disappointing and repetitive, especially considering the genius of her late brother Gianni that she was forced to follow. It seems as though we saw the same, disorganized collection, season after season, show after show. That is not to say that I am notContinue reading “Donatella is Doing Better”

Bridgerton Fashion is NOT Just an ode to the Regency Era

Bridgerton, a Netflix original set in the regency era in England, is the latest popular TV show that everyone seems to be watching. Some may be drawn to the interesting storyline, others to the rather attractive cast, but I have been most interested in the fashion aspect of the show. The extravagance of the piecesContinue reading “Bridgerton Fashion is NOT Just an ode to the Regency Era”

2021 trend predictions

It is January 1st, 2021. I never thought I’d see the day. The longest, most dreadful year of all time has finally drawn to a close and so it is only fitting that I share my fashion predictions for the year ahead of us. Similar to most other things, the fashion industry suffered greatly thisContinue reading “2021 trend predictions”

Alexander Wang: The Industry’s Not-so-Secret Sexual Predator

The fashion industry has had a rather tumultuous year and, even as 2021 is just around the corner, the drama is still very much alive. I awoke this morning to reports of Alexander Wang drugging, harassing, and sexually assaulting models/people, something that seems to have been going on for years. The young, celebrated designer isContinue reading “Alexander Wang: The Industry’s Not-so-Secret Sexual Predator”