2021 trend predictions

It is January 1st, 2021. I never thought I’d see the day. The longest, most dreadful year of all time has finally drawn to a close and so it is only fitting that I share my fashion predictions for the year ahead of us. Similar to most other things, the fashion industry suffered greatly this past year and I hope to see that change. It is hard to accurately predict what will or will not be popular, especially given the up and down nature of fashion, but there are certain patterns I expect to continue, expand, and start in 2021.

My prediction is that 2021 fashion will be y2k meets vintage meets futuristic- and whatever other interests we latch ourselves onto in the future. The trends we are seeing and will continue to see are a big melting pot of different decades, styles, designers, and so on. I hope that, while trends and popular styles will always exist, there is more individuality in our choices and we can better celebrate uniqueness in fashion. With that being said, here are my trend predictions for 2021:

Second Skin Tops

These form-fitting, often sheer tops have recently grown in popularity and may to some be considered a trend of 2020. But, I expect second skin tops to become a forefront of the fashion landscape, in terms of both high fashion and what the general public is wearing. I first was drawn to this style with Marine Serre’s moon tops that have lived on social media and in celebrities’ closets the past couple of years. I love the spice and versatility of these tops and hope to see it expanded on in the new year. I would not be surprised if they are seen on the runways this upcoming season.


Little knit vests have been a major trend of 2020 and I have seen them styled countless ways, wether they’re paired with a long sleeve shirt underneath or on their own with a pair of denim shorts. I think this vest popularity will continue and grow into much more than just what we are seeing now; 70’s inspired, stiff vests and oversized utility vests are so cute and I am obsessed with how unique they all are. I think we will see much more masculine, patterned, and structured vests that will slowly replace the ones that have been popular all throughout 2020.

Beaded Jewelry

Trends are all very gradual and are seen more and more as time goes on. That is exactly the case for these beaded bracelets and necklaces. I have definitely been into them in 2020, but as time has gone on they have grown in popularity and I do not see that stopping anytime soon. Popular jewelry styles are ever-changing and this one is so different from all the ones prior. The playful, kid-core, y2k aesthetic of these dainty pieces is so cute and goes with nearly everything. I definitely see these being a staple in 2021 fashion.

Issey Miyake Inspired Clothing

Isse Miyake, the Japanese fashion designer known for his technology-driven designs, has been at the forefront of fashion for decades and is the basis of this trend. All of his designs are incredibly influential, but these pleated, colorful pieces in particular from FW96 are unlike anything else and will definitely make a return to daily fashion at some point. The second skin tops I mentioned before sort of give me a similar vibe as these ones, and I definitely see more pieces resembling them coming in the next few months and years. Miyake is an absolute genius and his creativity is unmatched!

Fur-lined Cardigans/Coats

These (hopefully faux) fur-lined pieces have been increasingly prominent these past fall and winter seasons and I love the more feminine look they have as opposed to other outerwear styles. There are so many different versions of these pieces and so many different ways to styles them so I just never get sick of them. I personally am more drawn to the more pronounced, frilly fur designs like the ones one on the left than the stiff, clean ones on the right as I think they are more fun and interesting, and it its those ones that I see making a print on 2021 fashion. I feel like society is gradually shifting away from the bland, minimalistic aesthetic that was so prominent in the second half of the 2010s, and in doing so we are more risky with our fashion choices and tend to go for more over-the-top pieces. I love these jackets and coats and think they will continue to be seen through the spring.


2020 was the year of y2k fashion and 2021 will be the year of 70’s fashion. Everything about the boho, rock and roll aesthetic of the 70’s is just so cool and that vibe in clothing translates into all other aspects of life. I really see 2021 being the year that we return to the 70’s inspired fashion, with a mix of styles from other decades such as low waisted jeans and sneakers. I love everything about the 70’s and Camille Rowe, a french-American model, has the most amazing, effortless style with obvious 70’s influence. I really hope fashion takes a turn towards that decade and am excited to see how 70’s classic pieces mix with pieces and styles of today. We can all learn something from Stevie Nicks and Charlotte Rampling!

Opera Gloves

Harry Styles’s custom Gucci gloves that he wore in his 2020 Brits performance was what first sparked my interest in opera gloves. I love the dainty, feminine touch that these add to a look and am all for another way to accessorize. They have the power to dress up any look, whether they are leather, lace, satin, or sequined. You can do so much with opera gloves and they will definitely have a spot on the F/W runways.

Statement Pants- Silk, Patterned, & Sparkly

You may argue that statement pants are not a new trend and that they have been around forever, which is true, but I am specifically referring to more glamorous, chic styles rather than the baggy, streetwear ones that have defined the late 2010s. I love a good baggy pant and wide leg, but I definitely see more fitted, feminine styles making a return. Bright colors, dramatic prints, and exaggerated silhouettes will continue to gain popularity and I am exited to see how they are paired with different tops and accessories. I love sparkly and satin pants, and am definitely expecting to see a lot of 70’s inspired styles with flared cuts and psychedelic prints.

Painted/Embroidered Denim

There was a minute in 2020 where quarantine boredom inspired fashion creativity- specifically related to DIY denim designs. I remember watching an Emma Chamberlain video where she painted a couple of her old pairs of pants and I was so inspired by the idea of individualizing your wardrobe. This idea is something I think will continue in 2021, which I love. The custom Bode pants Harry Styles wore in his December Vogue shoot were filled with patches representing Harry’s interests and life, and I loved that insight to him and that they were special for just one person. With the growth of fast-fashion, the clothing we wear is increasingly repetitive and boring so I love seeing more personalized, unique pieces. I would love a good denim on denim set- a cropped, sleeveless vest and low/mid waisted flares- covered with hand-painted designs and patchwork, paired with a cool pair of vintage cowboy boots.

Oversized Boston/Trotter Bags

I think the era of tiny, impractical bags may slowly be drawing to a close. The classic Dior saddle bags and Prada Nylon bags are adorable and I will forever dream of owning one, but I think the new cool, relaxed aura so many people are starting to embrace will contribute to a shift towards a more practical, handy bag. These classic oversized bags have been around for decades and have been seen so many times over the years. I am not the biggest fan of the whole logo-mania trend, but I love a logo Boston bag- Gucci, Dior, whatever it is. The new interest in tote bags that was seen in 2020 may lead to this shift towards a larger bag. The Dior totes by Maria Grazia Chiuru give me the same vibes as the classic Dior Boston bags. Wether the actual size or just the shape of these bags returns, the impractical mini bags will definitely fade away.

Platform/Chunky Soles

It seems as though all areas of life and styles are shifting away from the minimalistic, sleek vibe and that includes shoes. We saw the obsession with white Air Force 1’s which turned into colorful Air Force 1’s, and is now heavily colored and deigned Jordans, boots, and heels. We will definitely continue to see more dramatic shoe styles with chunky soles. Heels, sneakers, sandals, flip flops- whatever it is, a thicker sole will add more spice to all of these shoes. Platform clogs, in particular, are a 70’s staple that will definitely make a return in 2021. There are so many more options than just a plain white shoe and I am happy more people are beginning to recognize that.

Quilted Jackets

I have been loving the quilted jacket trend lately, especially the ones by House of Sunny. This brand has been so popular in 2020 and that alone has contributed to the interest in this new style of jacket. I love versatility and get so bored by boring, repetitive pieces, especially for outerwear where there is so much room for extravagance and creativity. These jackets are a prime example of a subtle yet unique alternative to basic pieces.

Mini Skirts

Ridiculously tiny mini skirts were an early 2000s staple that I totally envision making a return. This trend is rather different from the others that have been mentioned that tend to have a 70’s, vintage vibe, but this one represents the dramatic energy that I think will be prevalent in 2021 until whenever COVID-19 ends and we an celebrate the roaring 20s. An insanely short, Paris Hilton-esque mini paired with a high neck tank and below the knew boots is the perfect combination of 70s and y2k fashion that has the most subtle extravagance.

Honorable Mentions

-high neck muscle tanks

-chunky rings


-flared sleeves

-cowboy boots built in thongs

All in all, I just think fashion will be cooler in 2021. Less homogenous, less bland, less forced. I am excited to see where the year takes us and whether or not any of my predictions hold true. Happy New Year everyone!

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Hi!!! My name is Kate and I am finally pursuing my love for fashion with a blog! I have wanted to do this for so long and now, as a 17-year-old ready to graduate soon, it feels like the perfect time to do it. I will talk about all things fashion, ranging from my personal style to collections and designers that I love. I'm so excited to get into this and delve into the world of fashion!

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