My Style Goals- pieces I want to add to my own closet

Long time no talk. It has been a while since I last posted on here, and to say I’ve missed writing about what I love most is an understatement. The main reason for my break is the hectic past several months I’ve had, and the biggest change I’ve experienced in my life thus far: going to college. Even though I haven’t been writing about fashion, my life has been immersed in it. I moved to NYC and am currently a freshman at the Fashion Institute of Technology which has been overwhelming to say the least. But, with my presence in the fashion capital of the world means a whole new appreciation and experience with fashion. How I see clothes has changed and I have never been more inspired by the world around me. To be honest, my love for fashion doesn’t exactly translate to the outfits I put together but I hope that being surrounded by so many creatives inspires my own sense of style. So, for my return, these are the elements of fashion I am most obsessed with right now and want to incorporate into my own wardrobe:

Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are the shoe of the moment. No matter where I am in the city I see several people wearing a pair of boots, and the best part is that they can be styled so many different ways. I have two pairs of vintage cowboy boots that I purchased at Buffalo Exchange in Brooklyn and I wear them almost daily. Wether it is with a dress, pair of jeans, or even denim shorts, you can go wrong with a pair of boots. It adds the best vintage, 70s flair to every outfit and creates a sense of age and character that is hard to replicate. I cannot wait to continue to style them and pair them with new pieces!

Low waisted bottoms

I am still not over the Y2k trend and, thus, am still obsessed with low rise pants and skirts. There is something so fresh and fun about low rise bottoms and they just look so cool. I hope to set my insecurities aside and embrace the low rise look because I loveee how it looks.


Honestly, the picture above doesn’t really capture the look I am envisioning but it was all I could find because there isn’t too much material to work with online. But, I see girls wearing ties in the cutest ways all the time, and it is such an interesting intersection of feminine and masculine styles. I love a tie with an open button up top, for example, and think they are the coolest accessory that you can really play around with.

Big Bags

Don’t get me wrong, I still love a mini bag, but there is just something so interesting (and practical) about an oversized bag- they really just complete the look. I love the Bottega Veneta bag Kendall is carrying in the first picture, and am obsessed with the slouchiness of the bag on the right. I see so many larger bags on the daily, especially Telfars, and have formed somewhat of an obsession with them. I definitely plan on purchasing some in the future!

Funky/Chunky Jewelry

My love for chunky, fun jewelry has moved passed the colorful, plastic pieces we saw a lot of this past year. Now, I am much more into chunky metal pieces with color to them. I love a silver or gold necklace with a big, stone pendant, and can’t get enough of big rings. Pairing dainty and chunky jewelry is so fun and creates the perfect balance.

Lace, Silk, & Sheer

Lace, silk, and sheer- the holy trinity of feminine fashion. I love textured clothes and how much dimension is added when you’re not just wearing a cotton material dress or top. Wearing pieces like the ones shown above makes me feel so put together and girly. I have thrifted some really cool sheer slip dresses recently that I am so exited to wear. You just can go wrong with any of these!

70s/colorful/fur-lined coats

This might be my biggest obsession at the moment. I can’t get enough of these colorful, patterned coats, especially if they are lined with (faux) fur. I am absolutely in love with Charlotte Simone (check her out!!!) and am dying for one of her coats- they give all the Penny Lane vibes. I remember watching a Vogue video a few years ago with Suki Waterhouse and she showed off the coat she’s wearing in the third picture and I have wanted one ever since. They add so much character to the simplest of outfits.

Cool Hairstyles

This one may seem like a given, but I just recently started to truly appreciate different hair styling and cuts. I’ve had the same straight hair cut for most of my life but am about to get my hair cut into layers with framing, long bangs after seeing people with it and how muh it adds to a look. I also just love unique styles such as braiding, and fun parting. Hair and makeup ARE accessories too which is one of the biggest style lessons I’ve learned since being at FIT.

These are all the styles I’m talking about today that will hopefully be a part of my personal fashion evolution, but there are so many more to talk about as I am constantly inspired by the people and world around me. Fashion is ever changing which is the most fun part about it!

my favorite past Grammy looks

As a major music fan and someone who is obsessed with the entire entertainment industry, the Grammys is one of my favorite nights a year. The outfits, the awards, the performances, the drama of it all. I have watched the Grammys each year for as long as I can remember and look forward to them for the remainder of the year. Tonight is the 63rd Grammy awards which I am especially excited for, primarily because Harry Styles is opening with a performance and is up for three awards- he is the only person who can make me so hopeful for a rigged award show. I am also excited to see Taylor Swift and others perform, but am equally as excited to see the red carpet looks. Music and fashion go hand in hand, so here are my favorite looks from past Grammys:

Cher 1974

Cher killed it with this look- the sequined, butterfly top, matching headpiece, and sheer robe is everything. Classic Cher.

Cardi B, 2019

This vintage Thierry Mugler look is absolutely iconic and the drama I need everyone to bring to the red carpet.

Rihanna, 2015

This pink Giambattista Valli gown gives me all the Killing Eve vibes- you know what dress Im talking about- and I love it. Rihanna neverrrr ever fails.

Beyonce, 2014

This Michael Costello dress is absolutely gorgeous but I am just obsessed with this look because of how good Beyonce looks. She could wear anything and look amazing.

Destinys Child, 2001

I love a matching moment and these green and gold dresses- that were designed by Tina Knowles-look amazing on all of them. The six Grammys are the best accessories.

Britney Spears, 2000

I love this clean, white Oscar de la Renta look and all the early 2000s vibes. Free Britney forever!

Mariah Carey, 1991

I seem to be drawn to simple dresses at the Grammys- I am obsessed with the rhinestone-lined LBD.

Billy Porter, 2020

Billy Porter always brings so much to every red carpet and this Baja East looks is one of my favs of his.

Sheryl Crow, 1997

The 90s is one of my favorite eras for fashion and this look has allll the 90s vibes0 the sheer slip dress and crocheted brown cardigan is the best combo.

Mary J. Blige, 1996

This head-to-toe leopard look with the black gloves and sunglasses is insane- she brought all the drama to the carpet.

Mariah Carey, 1993

Another simple, 90s Mariah Carey look. She always served the best looks- like this all red one- with such ease.

Grace Jones, 1983

This wide rimmed hat, the cutouts in the outfit, and the vibrant purple eyeshadow is amazing.

Naomi Campbell, 1991

Again, another cute 90s moment. The red boa ties the look together so well.

Prince, 1988

This full polka dot suit and heels combo is one of my favorite looks of all time and further establishes Prince as a fashion icon. He is the mold for genderless fashion today.

Michael Jackson, 1984

The king of pop showed out in this iconic, bedazzled military jacket with his signature glove.]

Stay tuned for my 2021 Grammys best dressed list!!!!

The Versatility of a Baby Tee

I am obsessed with all things y2k- music, movies, celebrities, and, of course, fashion. There are few things that can bring me as much fulfillment as a Von Dutch trucker and Juicy Couture track suit can. But, possibly my favorite trend from the early 2000s (and even 90s) is baby tees- which have, fortunately, made a major comeback. You simply cannot go wrong with a tiny tee. Wether it has a random graphic, funny quote, or is just plain, you can do so much with just one tee shirt. Dress it down with some sweats or a pair of jeans, or dress it up with a cool pair of pants and an oversized blazer. I simply will never get over the flattering fit and simplicity of a baby tee. Here are my favorite baby tees, for all your y2k fashion needs and desires:

UNIF Alien Girl Baby Tee

A classic, quirky litttle tee. UNIF has so many good ones, any of theres are ideal.

Brandy Melville Ashlyn Top

Brandy has great basic & staple pieces. These tops come in so many different colors are can be styled a billion ways. A must.

Depop (seller- @ashleyinterval)

Depop is the place for affordable, unique tops. I’m obsessed with this Britney inspired tee- embodies y2k and all my faves.


This brand has a wide variety of cute baby tanks and other y2k-vibe pieces. Everything is so unique and fun. This is the “Im okay Im alive” baby tank in white.

Deadly Doll

There is no one cooler than Jesse Jo Stark and there are no tees cuter than her Deadly Doll ones. Obsessed with her, her music, her brand, and alllll her baby tees. (Warning- always sold out)


This brand is so cute and has major teen girl, young, & fun energy. Every baby tee they have ever dropped has been so cute.

Realisation Par Hercules Baby Tee

This tee is adorable & from the cutest brand. Love anything paying homage to Elton John.

Etsy (seller- mustardyardpress)

Just like Depop, Etsy has the cutest and most affordable tees. Obsessed with this one direction inspired baby tee- fave band & fave piece of clothing.


Cute baby tees are everywhere BUT the best unique & fun ones are from thrift shops & vintage stores. Long live baby tees, my favorite pieces forever. let me know your favorite baby tees & brands, always looking for more!!

Happy Birthday to the Most Fashionable Man in Music

Harry Styles is the most fashionable man in the music industry today. Is this a controversial opinion? Probably. Am I biased? Some would say. Is it justifiable? Absolutely.

I am a full blown Harry Styles stan- it is no secret. I have a cardboard cutout of him in my room, a pillow with his face on it on my bed, and too many merchandise pieces to keep track. Thus, my opinion regarding his place in the fashion world isn’t exactly a fair one. I will acknowledge that there are other fashionable celebrities but I also request acknowledgment from dissenters that Harry Styles is contributing to the softened boundaries in fashion and the decline of toxic masculinity.

Harry’s growth as a person and musical artist has been accompanied by a beautiful growth in his style. He went from sporting Jack Wills sweatshirts in 2012 to being the first solo male on the cover of American Vogue wearing a Gucci dress. Not much more needs to be said. This evolution consisted of skinny jeans, Chelsea boots, button up shirts, and a whole lot of Gucci suits.

The entertainment industry as a whole has taken a gradual shift towards more fluidity in fashion, which has allowed for more risk-taking. The black and white Gucci suit Harry wore to the 2015 AMA’s, for example, was ripped to shreds by the media and people online. If he were to wear that today, however, I highly doubt we would see nearly as much criticism of the, may I add, gorgeous suit. Take his 2020 Brits outfits- the bright yellow suit paired with a purple scarf and the full lace Gucci look paired with matching gloves and his staple pearls. He did not end up on the worst dressed list for the 2020 Brits, contrary to his fate after the AMA’s. Rather, he has been consistently praised by social media users for his risk taking in fashion and feminine choices which is beautiful to see considering the flack he got for wearing similar styles a few years ago.

It is refreshing to see a male figure stretching the boundaries of what society once considered to be the ideal mold of how men should dress. I am so sick of seeing guys wear the same boring suits and not utilizing accessories, makeup, and other “girly” trends that add so much to every look. Even before Harry debuted as a solo act, he began dressing more flamboyantly while still in One Direction (rip). In 2015, he really began wearing blousy, patterned tops by brands like Saint Laurent and Gucci, and made bold red carpet choices in intricate suits and neck-tie blouses.

2016 was a period of subtle experimentation, and we really got a taste for Harry’s adventurous stylistic choices in 2017, the year of his debut as a solo performer. The pink Edward Sexton suit he wore on the Today Show, checked Vivienne Westwood suit, and custom, purple Alexander McQueen suit paired with Roker boots are just a few of my favorite looks of his from that year that really established him as a fashionable force. This era was surprising to all Harry fans who were around for One direction, myself included; his new persona- highlighted in both his music and outfits- was drastically different than boy-band Harry who remained comfortable in all black ensembles consisting of t-shirts, skinny jeans, and booties. The casual yet glamorous suits that defined his first solo tour in the latter half of 2017 acted as the perfect stage outfits and allowed him to develop a certain image that has stuck ever since- Harry Styles is no longer a picture-perfect boyband member, he is a modern day rockstar.

2018 was the year that the general public seemed to take more notice of Harrys growth into a future fashion icon. His world tour- that I was very lucky to attend- featured rockstar-esque performances, bad dad jokes, and 60 different suits- all equally dramatic and eye-catching. Gucci, Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Harris Reed. Embroidery, fringe, sparkle, color. The wardrobe from this tour covered all the bases and was an extravaganza of luxury and straight up beauty. The collaboration between Harry Styles and his stylist Harry Lambert gave us true masterpieces in the form of clothing that was beautified by the setting in which it was worn. I will never forget the anticipation I felt every night throughout the summer of 2018, awaiting the reveal of what suit Harry wore at his shows each night. For my show, it was a brown Gucci suit with a small orange ribbon honoring the victims of gun violence. Love a meaningful choice.

This fashion growth really culminated in 2019- a year where Harry Styles became Harry Styles. I cannot not mention him being a co-chair of the Met Gala alongside icons like Anna Wintour and Lady Gaga, and walking the carpet alongside none other than Alessandro Michele who designed the most beautiful Camp looks. Fast forward to the second half of the year where he began doing promo for the release of his second album- Fine Line. Harry Styles has, of course, always been famous. I mean, he was in the biggest boyband of all time. But 2019 through 2020 was when Harry reached a whole new level of fame, one comparable to what only the biggest names in the industry have experienced. And with this newfound, heightened support came more attention on his fashion choices and, of course, more opportunites.

His off-duty style in the past few years has taken a major shift, as well, and seems to really represent who he is and what he likes. It has a much more mature, folky vibe than it used to, and he experiments more with wild pieces and interesting combinations. He has become a frequent wearer of funny graphic tees and hats, sporting humorous pieces with random slogans. Please enjoy this thread a fan created on twitter, rounding up his best graphic tee moments:

Harry has shown he is not afraid to mix bold patterns and colors to make unexpected looks go together. It is now exhilarating to predict what he is going to wear to events because we know it is going to be something different and interesting to look at. In his editorials and covers he has been very open with experimenting with makeup (Beauty Papers) and typically feminine choices (Vogue December 2020). His latest move that garnered the general public’s attention was his Vogue cover in which he wore a beautiful Gucci dress. It drew criticism from conservative figures, like Candace Owens, for contributing to the decline of manly men. I, personally, think it is powerful to dress however you like without worrying about what mold you’re supposed to fit into and what other people will think.

Regardless of who you listen to and whether or not you identify as a Harry Styles fan, there is no denying he is bold with his fashion choices. I feel lucky to have grown up alongside him and watch him grow into the confident, boundary-pushing person he is today. He embodies the spirit of dressing however you want and not succumbing to societal pressures that surround us. Today, as we celebrate his 27th birthday and the person he is, we shall appreciate the art that is his wardrobe and the way in which he has molded the fashion industry. Happy birthday Harry- forever my favorite ❤

The Biden and Harris Families have Style

Every four years America faces another presidential inauguration- a day typically defined by hope, inspiration, and, of course, fashion. Each inauguration we watch on our TV’s and take in the new white house residents and their families, silently (or vocally) judging their fashion choices. There has been some good (i.e. Jackie Kennedy’s iconic 1961 look with the blue pillbox hat) and there, of course, has been some bad. But, fortunately for fashion fans, the Biden and Harris families did not disappoint at this years inauguration.

The young Biden granddaughters were undoubtedly the stars of the show. Yes, Jill and Joe looked elegant and presidential and embodied positivity, but the monochromatic theme the young attendees followed was difficult to beat. Biden’s granddaughters- Natalie, Naomi, Finnegan, and Maisy- each stuck to an individual color scheme throughout the inauguration festivities and threw there own modern twist to American political fashion. Natalie’s custom pink Lafayette 148 New York coat paired with tan, suede boots exuded power. Maisy’s navy suit and Air Jordans combination emulated confidence. Finnegan’s camel colored Brandon Maxwell coat and matching mask was elegant. All the grandchildren absolutely served and it was evident they were comfortable with what they were wearing based on the way they presented themselves.

The fashion moments carried throughout the evening as they transitioned into more formal wear. Maisy once again paired Jordans with a Rodarte dress- a statement- while Natalie and Finnegan wore sparkly, colorful cocktail dress by NYC designer Markarian

The Harris family, as well, was not lacking in their inaugural outfit choices. Vice President Kamala herself stunned in a purple dress and coat loaded with meaning. Her look was created by Christopher John Rodgers and Sergio Hudson, two black designers, and purple was one of her campaign colors that paid homage to Shirley Chisholm, the first black woman elected to congress. I love an outfit with meaning and the beautiful part of fashion is that it really is so much more than the clothes. It all comes down to expression, and this is a meaningful outfit that holds more weight than many.

Ella Emhoff, Doug’s daughter, came in with the plaid Miu Miu jacket with gorgeous shoulder embellishments and a sophisticated white collar. She definitely stood out among a sea of monochrome and what a way to do so in a beautiful Miu Miu look. Meena Harris, Kamala’s neice, ha one of my favorite looks of the day; she paired an emerald Ulla Johnson dress with a darker, muted green Coach jacket and sparkly Paris Texas boots. I love this approach to monochrome- the different shades of green added so much more to the look and created amazing depth.

Meena’s husband, Nikolas Ajagu, had a bit of a viral moment on social media with his Dior Jordans. This has been the first time, possibly ever, that we have seen such a prominent, trendy streetwear moment at an inauguration and I am here for it. This is the style that has been severely lacking in the political landscape and I am beyond happy we are starting to see alternative choices at such major events.

This inauguration meant so much to so many people and that is the true importance of this day. But, it is still fun to focus on this aspect of the event and, even so, I think their families’ fashion choices are symbolic of who they are and what we can expect from this administration. It feels good to have a fashionable family back in the white house again- leave it to the Bidens’ and Harris’ for serving on Inauguration day,

The Magic of Miuccia and Raf

The Raf Simmons and Miuccia Prada collaboration was one that none of us saw coming, but one that we can all stand behind. After a rocky first womenswear collection last fall, the duo have finally seemed to find their footing, revealing a beautiful collection mixing staples from both of their brands and alluding to historical designs. The collection is a seamless blend of classic Prada and Raf styles, where Raf’s contributions are overtly seen and Miuccia’s are subtly shining through.

The inspiration for this collection, named Possible Feelins, was described as an, “intimate and personal desire for contact, from our need for exchange and relationship.” The collection featured the known Raf silhouettes and staple pieces, and highlighted the quieter colors, patterns, and styling that reflects the Prada brand. The first look dove into the subtle Prada notes, featuring a suit with rolled up sleeves and a patterned, second-skin top poking below- both of which scream Miuccia. The suit had a V-neck cut, a trend that carried throughout the collection, and showed a pastel purple knit underneath- a classic Prada color.

A majority of the rest of the collection, however, didn’t seem to scream Miuccia at all. At first glance it seems as though the design process may have been dominated by Raf but when you look a bit closer you notice the small details that allude to a greater concept which is exactly how Miuccia styles her collections and shows. The big, double-breasted coats and chunky bombers are Raf Simmon’s classics, resembling pieces from his work for Calvin Klein and Dior, but these looks maintain the Prada-esque inspiration of the collection. Most every look, regardless of how un-Prada it seemed, featured a pastel, delicate color or funky, unconventional pattern that we’ve seen at Prada forever. Miuccia has acknowledge that not all fashion needs to be pretty and that is exactly what we are seeing what some of these prints.

The outerwear displayed in the show as very Raf and also very wearable which was a good move. Given the state of the world and the fashion industry right now, products need to be selling to an audience beyond those who have a deep love for fashion; normal shoppers need to be buying these clothes as well and I think that will be achieved considering the simplicity and wearability of the clothes with their strong silhouettes and classic cuts.

This collection consisted of a lot of colorful, pattern knits, similar to what we have seen from Raf in the past. I personally am a major sweater girl and love seeing oversized knits dress up in high fashion collections. Gloves were another staple throughout the show, although they reflect inspiration from both designers. Raf’s leathers gloves for Calvin Klein and Miuccia’s sport wear collection for Prada are both seen in the pouch-lined gloves the models wore in this show.

One of my favorite styles from the collection was the colorful, oversized bombers. These jackets scream Raf Simmons and I love that Prada is incorporating this modern, street-style feel into their classic collections with the inclusion of Raf. The leather/nylon jackets (I cannot tell which) are just simply hot and a gorgeous staple piece that I cannot stop thinking about. Raf and Miuccia absolutely mastered the perfect bomber jacket. They were countered and emphasized exquisitely with the inclusion of the tight, formfitting bodysuits that clung to the models, dissimilar to how the outerwear pieces did.

Perhaps my favorite part of this collection was the least noticeable- the incorporation of the Prada logo (something that was never a major point for Miuccia). The logo’d buttons on the coats, logo’d pouches on the gloves, and logo’d bags were a more prominent nod to the brand. But, the upside down triangle on the back of the pieces, sat just below the neck, is the best approach to logo-ing I’ve ever seen- and I am obsessed. It almost establishes a sense of knowing and superiority for the brand and its fans. I mean, not everyone will be able to identify a Prada knit but I sure will. Raf may have drawn inspiration from Maison Margiela who was famously anti-logo and subtly branded his pieces with a simple stitching. It is clever, it is mature, it is everything that I love about fashion. It isn’t too branded and doesn’t concern the marketing aspect of the clothing, it just focuses on the the art and meaning of the collection. And that is what it is all about.

I could really go on about this collection for hours. The pastel sherpa coats. Bright, oversized button downs. Logo backpacks. Textured coats. Absolutely everything about this collection was beautiful and it was put together with evident genius. The minds of Miuccia and Raf came together and created a cohesive, subtly iconic collection that I will never get over. They were able to stay true to their brands and what they have developed individually, while simultaneously putting together a seamless, desirable collection that the general public will love. I will be able to die peacefully only after I own any piece of outerwear from the collection. Everyone say thank you to Miuccia Prada and Raf Simmons.

Donatella is Doing Better

Donatella’s reign as the chief creative officer at Versace has been rather disappointing and repetitive, especially considering the genius of her late brother Gianni that she was forced to follow. It seems as though we saw the same, disorganized collection, season after season, show after show. That is not to say that I am not a fan of Donatella or her work. Rather, it is an acknowledgment of areas in which she could have done better and maybe that time is now. I was surprisingly pleased with the new spring 2021 campaign.

I am impressed with the cohesiveness and continuity of this campaign in accordance with Versace’s latest runway show that embraced an under-the-sea theme. I enjoy continuity within brands and like being able to recognize concepts that go together, and that is exactly the case with this campaign. The specific inspiration for these shots was Medusa, an approach to the under the sea theme that I really appreciate. The models- who I will get into later- sported bright colors and a wet hair look that aligns perfectly with the theme. The star fish earrings Hailey Bieber wore were an obvious choice but one that maintained the pleasing aesthetic, as did the black, textured bra that peeked above the sea-animal printed dress.

It is probably just my memory, but it feels as though the past several shows have taken a lot of inspiration from Gianni’s collections in the 90s- maybe a little too much. I am the most nostalgic person on Earth and love a collection paying homage to the late designer, but at some point it gets repetitive and makes it difficult for Donatella to develop her own brand as a creative director. The animal prints and black looks were getting a bit old, so I am enjoying the incorporation of more unique, creative designs with bright colors.

The campaign was shot by the iconic photographer duo Mert and Marcus who have shot for Versace countless times before. Models wore looks from the SS 2021 line and displayed the Le Medusa handbag which I think is cute. Is it anything revolutionary, never-before-seen? Not at all. But my interest in this campaign isn’t because of the product itself but because of the quality of the overall creativity and inspiration. I do enjoy the colored versions of the bag and the clunky, chainlink straps, and think they fit well with the theme of the collection.

My interest in the fashion industry really took off because of my interests in models. It was Cara and Joan and Kate and Binx who drew me into the intense world that surrounds them. And, regardless of what others say, I firmly believe that models play a major role in the success and quality of shows and shoots. Yes, the clothing speaks the loudest. But, someone who is serving the look with intensity and ferocity is going to make the clothes look a whole lot better than an unsure, awkward model. This is the best shoot I have seen in a while for some of the models in this shoot. Cough Cough Hailey and Kendall.

I am not someone who goes online and hates on the nepotism models because of how they made their name. I am a huge Kardashian fan and love all the celebrity models, but I will acknowledge the lapse in some of their effort and the quality of their work. Kendall, for instance, is noticeably less passionate about her work than other models. But, this was a great campaign for her and I think a lot of it had to do with the photographers with whom she is comfortable with.

The black, yellow, and gold combination looks amazing on her and she is serving face with her eyes- it really looks like her eyes are alive. I think Hailey did great as well and truly showed off her ability to fit a certain vibe. I enjoyed seeing Mona Tougaard in such a major campaign with so many famous faces and hope to see more of her for Versace in the future. And I absolutely love Precious Lee for Versace. She looks amazing and fierce and confident, and I appreciate seeing diversity under such a large fashion house. I think all of the models did amazing and fit the aesthetic of the campaign beautifully which definitely contributed to my attraction to the pictures.

This whole campaign was a major step in the right direction for the Versace brand and Donatella. Everything from the clothing to the accessories to the hair and makeup was cohesive and emulated the energy of the under the sea theme. I hope to see more work life this for these models and Donatella in the future. What do you think about it?

Bridgerton Fashion is NOT Just an ode to the Regency Era

Bridgerton, a Netflix original set in the regency era in England, is the latest popular TV show that everyone seems to be watching. Some may be drawn to the interesting storyline, others to the rather attractive cast, but I have been most interested in the fashion aspect of the show. The extravagance of the pieces both the men and women wore is the perfect refresher for what is almost a year of quarantine and sweat suits. I think it is safe to say that we have all been craving that glamour and drama, and Bridgerton is the show that has satisfied that desire.

The show is set in 1813 at the start of “the season” in which young debutantes join the adult world and seek marriage arrangements. My knowledge of the Regency period is limited so I am not too informed on the accuracy of the clothing, but Luke from the YouTube channel HauteleMode researched the era and reviewed the show, acknowledging the accuracies of the wardrobe and highlighting the mistakes (intentional or not). The costume designer, Ellen Mirojnick, created over 7,000 looks for the show, composed of extravagant wigs, pastel gowns, and beaded headbands. Such products featured in the show have seen a rise in searches and sales since its release, according to Vogue. Pearl and feathered headbands, empire-waist dresses, and, unsurprisingly, corsets have surged in searches.

We may not be able to relate to Daphne and the other characters in terms of our daily lives, but we can in metaphorical terms. I mean, we are not attending glamorous balls with Britain’s elite each night, courting with princes and Dukes, and mingling with the Queen. But, we can live vicariously through her and take inspiration from her coming out wardrobe and replicate it with our own twists and own circumstances. For me personally, my coming out moment isn’t joining the British social scene as a married woman. Rather, mine can be graduating high school, turning 18, and moving across the country for college. Here are some of my favorite looks from the show:

All of Daphne’s dresses were very subtly elegant, and countered the over-the-top campy looks of the Featherington family which is very fitting for her character. I love the raised hemline of empire-waist dresses and appreciate the intricacy of the detail on the dress. Brands like Loewe, Rodarte, and Dior under John Galliano have all experimented with this silhouette, as well as others from the show, and I have a newfound appreciation for more unique, timely dresses. In their analysis of Bridgerton fashion, Vogue shared pieces from designers recent collections that resemble the Bridgerton looks and I have a new, heightened interest in Lanvin and Erdem, especially the fall 2020 collections.

I love the simple hues and styles the women wore, and how they were dressed up with intricate embroidery and jeweled designs, and extravagant accessories. Each characters’ style perfectly matched their personalities which allows for an amazing, in depth analysis on how fashion is much more than just clothes that we put on. Lady Danbury’s bold pieces with interesting cuts and high necklines emitted an aura of power and wisdom which very accurately aligns with who she is. Marina tended to wear more simple, toned down pieces as the more extravagant, attention-getting ones went to the Featherington sisters. I doubt Mrs. Featherington wanted to give Marina the opportunity to take any more attention away from her daughters than she already had. I especially love the silk gloves that all the women wore throughout the show and hope to see them have a stronger presence in shows and on red carpets in upcoming seasons; they add a certain sense of fragility, femininity, and elegance.

Simon, the Duke of Hastings, was one of my favorite characters in the show and I loved his wardrobe. The tight pants, riding boots, and overcoats paired with billowy blouses was beyond flattering and refreshing given the lack of fashionable choices we seen from men now a days. I wish more men dressed with the hint of femininity that existed in the regency era, as it allows for much more interesting, enjoyable outfits.

The Featherington family’s fashion choices and personalities added the best level of humor and drama to the show. I enjoyed their dramatic, floral, bright pastel pieces and think they were very fitting for their family’s image. Marina always had a toned down dress but I loved how she paired the green scarf with the baby pink floral dress, as I am obsessed with pairing colors that do not obviously go well together.

Alas, the queen. This was a very powerful, strong role and love the fact that the queen was black and that Shonda Rhimes produced it (I am an OG Greys Anatomy fan). I love the powerful and extravagant silhouettes that she wore that really portrays the signifiance of her position.

The trends we will see in the coming months will definitely trickle down from the fashion statements we saw in Bridgerton. Beaded headbands, crystal embroidery, empire-waist dresses, and bright pastels are just a few of the trends I expect to see that may present themselves in different forms. I wouldn’t count on seeing an exact lookalike of the dresses in the show, but rather a shorter version with a modernized twist that is identifiable by the high hem below the breasts. Regardless of what exactly we see, where we see it, and who wears it, there is no denying that Bridgerton fashion is much more than an ode to the past.

2021 trend predictions

It is January 1st, 2021. I never thought I’d see the day. The longest, most dreadful year of all time has finally drawn to a close and so it is only fitting that I share my fashion predictions for the year ahead of us. Similar to most other things, the fashion industry suffered greatly this past year and I hope to see that change. It is hard to accurately predict what will or will not be popular, especially given the up and down nature of fashion, but there are certain patterns I expect to continue, expand, and start in 2021.

My prediction is that 2021 fashion will be y2k meets vintage meets futuristic- and whatever other interests we latch ourselves onto in the future. The trends we are seeing and will continue to see are a big melting pot of different decades, styles, designers, and so on. I hope that, while trends and popular styles will always exist, there is more individuality in our choices and we can better celebrate uniqueness in fashion. With that being said, here are my trend predictions for 2021:

Second Skin Tops

These form-fitting, often sheer tops have recently grown in popularity and may to some be considered a trend of 2020. But, I expect second skin tops to become a forefront of the fashion landscape, in terms of both high fashion and what the general public is wearing. I first was drawn to this style with Marine Serre’s moon tops that have lived on social media and in celebrities’ closets the past couple of years. I love the spice and versatility of these tops and hope to see it expanded on in the new year. I would not be surprised if they are seen on the runways this upcoming season.


Little knit vests have been a major trend of 2020 and I have seen them styled countless ways, wether they’re paired with a long sleeve shirt underneath or on their own with a pair of denim shorts. I think this vest popularity will continue and grow into much more than just what we are seeing now; 70’s inspired, stiff vests and oversized utility vests are so cute and I am obsessed with how unique they all are. I think we will see much more masculine, patterned, and structured vests that will slowly replace the ones that have been popular all throughout 2020.

Beaded Jewelry

Trends are all very gradual and are seen more and more as time goes on. That is exactly the case for these beaded bracelets and necklaces. I have definitely been into them in 2020, but as time has gone on they have grown in popularity and I do not see that stopping anytime soon. Popular jewelry styles are ever-changing and this one is so different from all the ones prior. The playful, kid-core, y2k aesthetic of these dainty pieces is so cute and goes with nearly everything. I definitely see these being a staple in 2021 fashion.

Issey Miyake Inspired Clothing

Isse Miyake, the Japanese fashion designer known for his technology-driven designs, has been at the forefront of fashion for decades and is the basis of this trend. All of his designs are incredibly influential, but these pleated, colorful pieces in particular from FW96 are unlike anything else and will definitely make a return to daily fashion at some point. The second skin tops I mentioned before sort of give me a similar vibe as these ones, and I definitely see more pieces resembling them coming in the next few months and years. Miyake is an absolute genius and his creativity is unmatched!

Fur-lined Cardigans/Coats

These (hopefully faux) fur-lined pieces have been increasingly prominent these past fall and winter seasons and I love the more feminine look they have as opposed to other outerwear styles. There are so many different versions of these pieces and so many different ways to styles them so I just never get sick of them. I personally am more drawn to the more pronounced, frilly fur designs like the ones one on the left than the stiff, clean ones on the right as I think they are more fun and interesting, and it its those ones that I see making a print on 2021 fashion. I feel like society is gradually shifting away from the bland, minimalistic aesthetic that was so prominent in the second half of the 2010s, and in doing so we are more risky with our fashion choices and tend to go for more over-the-top pieces. I love these jackets and coats and think they will continue to be seen through the spring.


2020 was the year of y2k fashion and 2021 will be the year of 70’s fashion. Everything about the boho, rock and roll aesthetic of the 70’s is just so cool and that vibe in clothing translates into all other aspects of life. I really see 2021 being the year that we return to the 70’s inspired fashion, with a mix of styles from other decades such as low waisted jeans and sneakers. I love everything about the 70’s and Camille Rowe, a french-American model, has the most amazing, effortless style with obvious 70’s influence. I really hope fashion takes a turn towards that decade and am excited to see how 70’s classic pieces mix with pieces and styles of today. We can all learn something from Stevie Nicks and Charlotte Rampling!

Opera Gloves

Harry Styles’s custom Gucci gloves that he wore in his 2020 Brits performance was what first sparked my interest in opera gloves. I love the dainty, feminine touch that these add to a look and am all for another way to accessorize. They have the power to dress up any look, whether they are leather, lace, satin, or sequined. You can do so much with opera gloves and they will definitely have a spot on the F/W runways.

Statement Pants- Silk, Patterned, & Sparkly

You may argue that statement pants are not a new trend and that they have been around forever, which is true, but I am specifically referring to more glamorous, chic styles rather than the baggy, streetwear ones that have defined the late 2010s. I love a good baggy pant and wide leg, but I definitely see more fitted, feminine styles making a return. Bright colors, dramatic prints, and exaggerated silhouettes will continue to gain popularity and I am exited to see how they are paired with different tops and accessories. I love sparkly and satin pants, and am definitely expecting to see a lot of 70’s inspired styles with flared cuts and psychedelic prints.

Painted/Embroidered Denim

There was a minute in 2020 where quarantine boredom inspired fashion creativity- specifically related to DIY denim designs. I remember watching an Emma Chamberlain video where she painted a couple of her old pairs of pants and I was so inspired by the idea of individualizing your wardrobe. This idea is something I think will continue in 2021, which I love. The custom Bode pants Harry Styles wore in his December Vogue shoot were filled with patches representing Harry’s interests and life, and I loved that insight to him and that they were special for just one person. With the growth of fast-fashion, the clothing we wear is increasingly repetitive and boring so I love seeing more personalized, unique pieces. I would love a good denim on denim set- a cropped, sleeveless vest and low/mid waisted flares- covered with hand-painted designs and patchwork, paired with a cool pair of vintage cowboy boots.

Oversized Boston/Trotter Bags

I think the era of tiny, impractical bags may slowly be drawing to a close. The classic Dior saddle bags and Prada Nylon bags are adorable and I will forever dream of owning one, but I think the new cool, relaxed aura so many people are starting to embrace will contribute to a shift towards a more practical, handy bag. These classic oversized bags have been around for decades and have been seen so many times over the years. I am not the biggest fan of the whole logo-mania trend, but I love a logo Boston bag- Gucci, Dior, whatever it is. The new interest in tote bags that was seen in 2020 may lead to this shift towards a larger bag. The Dior totes by Maria Grazia Chiuru give me the same vibes as the classic Dior Boston bags. Wether the actual size or just the shape of these bags returns, the impractical mini bags will definitely fade away.

Platform/Chunky Soles

It seems as though all areas of life and styles are shifting away from the minimalistic, sleek vibe and that includes shoes. We saw the obsession with white Air Force 1’s which turned into colorful Air Force 1’s, and is now heavily colored and deigned Jordans, boots, and heels. We will definitely continue to see more dramatic shoe styles with chunky soles. Heels, sneakers, sandals, flip flops- whatever it is, a thicker sole will add more spice to all of these shoes. Platform clogs, in particular, are a 70’s staple that will definitely make a return in 2021. There are so many more options than just a plain white shoe and I am happy more people are beginning to recognize that.

Quilted Jackets

I have been loving the quilted jacket trend lately, especially the ones by House of Sunny. This brand has been so popular in 2020 and that alone has contributed to the interest in this new style of jacket. I love versatility and get so bored by boring, repetitive pieces, especially for outerwear where there is so much room for extravagance and creativity. These jackets are a prime example of a subtle yet unique alternative to basic pieces.

Mini Skirts

Ridiculously tiny mini skirts were an early 2000s staple that I totally envision making a return. This trend is rather different from the others that have been mentioned that tend to have a 70’s, vintage vibe, but this one represents the dramatic energy that I think will be prevalent in 2021 until whenever COVID-19 ends and we an celebrate the roaring 20s. An insanely short, Paris Hilton-esque mini paired with a high neck tank and below the knew boots is the perfect combination of 70s and y2k fashion that has the most subtle extravagance.

Honorable Mentions

-high neck muscle tanks

-chunky rings


-flared sleeves

-cowboy boots built in thongs

All in all, I just think fashion will be cooler in 2021. Less homogenous, less bland, less forced. I am excited to see where the year takes us and whether or not any of my predictions hold true. Happy New Year everyone!

Alexander Wang: The Industry’s Not-so-Secret Sexual Predator

The fashion industry has had a rather tumultuous year and, even as 2021 is just around the corner, the drama is still very much alive. I awoke this morning to reports of Alexander Wang drugging, harassing, and sexually assaulting models/people, something that seems to have been going on for years. The young, celebrated designer is known for his party-animal habits by most, but this other side of him is apparently an open secret within the industry as well. The wave of accusations began after male model Owen Mooney shared his experience in which he was groped by Wang in 2017, inspiring countless other confessions of unfortunate meetings with the beloved designer. Victim after victim and confession after confession, I have spent my morning reading through the seemingly-endless accounts of Wang’s disgusting behavior and have found myself shocked and disappointed.

Alexander Wang has been one of my favorite New York designers for years. The “anything goes” vibe that is shown in his collections has always been very exciting to watch and offered a fresh, fun approach to the increasingly old-person energy of NYFW (oops). His FW 16/17 and SS 18 collections have been some of my favorites, as they emulate the hard partying, grunge esthetic of the 90’s. There has always been a level of practicality among the collections and an intense energy at Wangs shows and, of course, afterparties so it is incredibly shocking to hear the things that have gone on behind the scenes, especially considering his fun-loving, humble persona. Over the years I have watched countless interviews and videos of Alex, and sort of fell in love with his energy. Me and so many others fell into this little trap of his false, calculated image and I sort of feel guilty- what if my devoted support to Wang contributed to the disregard to past accusations towards him?

In addition to the surprise and disappointment we are all feeling towards Wang, this situation also draws the question of privilege in the industry. It is no secret that the modeling industry is incredibly toxic and shady, so it is no surprise that it took so long to garner major attention on this issue. Famous models and people in fashion were not the ones being targeted by Alex, obviously, so they were not the ones speaking out. But, if this was such an open, known thing in the industry I am curious as to who all knew. The naive, hopeful part of me wants to believe that none of my favorite models knew of his behavior and are just now finding out with the rest of us, but the other realistic side of me assumes that to be false. If the fashion industry were high school, Alex would be the quirky, artistic, funny kid that everyone loved- AKA, he’s popular in the industry. Everyone is his friend, everyone goes to his parties, and everyone wears his clothes, including the Hadids, Jenners, etc. I would be incredibly disappointed to learn that so many people in the industry knew what has been happening and just allowed it to continue since they weren’t being affected. This whole situation highlights the affect of privilege in the industry in regard to class, wealth, fame, and gender. Alexander Wang used his power and influence to harass and assault young people, and everyone else in the industry used theirs to allow this behavior to continue to happen.

The modeling industry has been overcome by discrimination and controversy for decades, and this is just another situation in which Trans people have been targeted. Accusations against Wang have displayed a clear pattern of involving Trans men and women which is disgusting and a clear abuse of Wang’s LGBTQ advocacy. There is not enough protection for trans models in the industry and I hope this situation finally leads to the long overdue change. Looking through his social media posts and other celebrities’ comments on Wang, there were so many signs of his predatory behavior and I feel embarrassed to have missed them and been fooled by who he portrayed himself to be. He clearly has no shame, considering the hefty number of accusations and stories victims have been telling, which is sickening. He knew what he was doing and believed he would see no consequences and it is important for his mentality to be proven wrong. I am curious to see what Wang and other people have to say about this situation, and wonder how his success as a designer will be affected. Hopefully, he will not continue to have the influence and presence in fashion that he does now, and the industry sees the change it has been needing for far too long. I will not be able to support someone who so shamelessly targeted and abused people with complete disregard to how his actions would make them feel.