Villanelle from Killing Eve has the BEST Wardrobe on TV

Maybe it was the fitting extravagance of the clothes or Jodie Comer’s striking ability to pull them off, but Villanelle’s wardrobe in Killing Eve may be my favorite out of every show I’ve seen and every character I’ve fallen in love with. Like most people who’ve seen the show, I am obsessed with Villanelle andContinue reading “Villanelle from Killing Eve has the BEST Wardrobe on TV”

2 die 4 brands right now

I am currently obsessed with a bunch of brands- both popular and lesser known- that I would love to own pieces from. There are so many small, unknown brands that deserve so much more recognition and I am hoping to contribute to that. These are my fav brands at the moment: Nensi Dojaka I fellContinue reading “2 die 4 brands right now”

Anna Wintour’s Promotion

Lets talk Anna- the queen of fashion. Anna Wintour is easily one of the most powerful, influential forces in the fashion industry. Having been the Editor in Chief of US Vogue for over 30 years and global content advisor of Conde Nast since 2013, she was recently promoted to the chief content officer for theContinue reading “Anna Wintour’s Promotion”

My Fashion Icons

Fashion is an incredibly unique, creative experience for each and every person and it allows us to express who we are. We all have different styles, interests, and inspirations that make us all unique from one another. My earliest fashion statements involved graphic tees, UGG boots, and gauchos. Since those interesting choices, my style hasContinue reading “My Fashion Icons”