The Biden and Harris Families have Style

Every four years America faces another presidential inauguration- a day typically defined by hope, inspiration, and, of course, fashion. Each inauguration we watch on our TV’s and take in the new white house residents and their families, silently (or vocally) judging their fashion choices. There has been some good (i.e. Jackie Kennedy’s iconic 1961 look with the blue pillbox hat) and there, of course, has been some bad. But, fortunately for fashion fans, the Biden and Harris families did not disappoint at this years inauguration.

The young Biden granddaughters were undoubtedly the stars of the show. Yes, Jill and Joe looked elegant and presidential and embodied positivity, but the monochromatic theme the young attendees followed was difficult to beat. Biden’s granddaughters- Natalie, Naomi, Finnegan, and Maisy- each stuck to an individual color scheme throughout the inauguration festivities and threw there own modern twist to American political fashion. Natalie’s custom pink Lafayette 148 New York coat paired with tan, suede boots exuded power. Maisy’s navy suit and Air Jordans combination emulated confidence. Finnegan’s camel colored Brandon Maxwell coat and matching mask was elegant. All the grandchildren absolutely served and it was evident they were comfortable with what they were wearing based on the way they presented themselves.

The fashion moments carried throughout the evening as they transitioned into more formal wear. Maisy once again paired Jordans with a Rodarte dress- a statement- while Natalie and Finnegan wore sparkly, colorful cocktail dress by NYC designer Markarian

The Harris family, as well, was not lacking in their inaugural outfit choices. Vice President Kamala herself stunned in a purple dress and coat loaded with meaning. Her look was created by Christopher John Rodgers and Sergio Hudson, two black designers, and purple was one of her campaign colors that paid homage to Shirley Chisholm, the first black woman elected to congress. I love an outfit with meaning and the beautiful part of fashion is that it really is so much more than the clothes. It all comes down to expression, and this is a meaningful outfit that holds more weight than many.

Ella Emhoff, Doug’s daughter, came in with the plaid Miu Miu jacket with gorgeous shoulder embellishments and a sophisticated white collar. She definitely stood out among a sea of monochrome and what a way to do so in a beautiful Miu Miu look. Meena Harris, Kamala’s neice, ha one of my favorite looks of the day; she paired an emerald Ulla Johnson dress with a darker, muted green Coach jacket and sparkly Paris Texas boots. I love this approach to monochrome- the different shades of green added so much more to the look and created amazing depth.

Meena’s husband, Nikolas Ajagu, had a bit of a viral moment on social media with his Dior Jordans. This has been the first time, possibly ever, that we have seen such a prominent, trendy streetwear moment at an inauguration and I am here for it. This is the style that has been severely lacking in the political landscape and I am beyond happy we are starting to see alternative choices at such major events.

This inauguration meant so much to so many people and that is the true importance of this day. But, it is still fun to focus on this aspect of the event and, even so, I think their families’ fashion choices are symbolic of who they are and what we can expect from this administration. It feels good to have a fashionable family back in the white house again- leave it to the Bidens’ and Harris’ for serving on Inauguration day,

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