Villanelle from Killing Eve has the BEST Wardrobe on TV

Maybe it was the fitting extravagance of the clothes or Jodie Comer’s striking ability to pull them off, but Villanelle’s wardrobe in Killing Eve may be my favorite out of every show I’ve seen and every character I’ve fallen in love with. Like most people who’ve seen the show, I am obsessed with Villanelle and I am even more obsessed with her eclectic, colorful clothes that added life to every single scene. There is something about an international assassin prancing around in a fluorescent pink Molly Goddard tool dress and Balenciaga boots that speaks to me. 

I can relate to her shopping addiction- many of us can- and I am grateful for her immaculate sense of style as it added the greatest playful energy to the show. I am a professional binge watcher and I’ve seen my fair share of crime dramas, but Villanelle is on another level for many reasons, one of course being her frivolous fashion choices. I can appreciate any good, charismatic villain- but I especially appreciate a fashionable one.

Her casualty in wearing extravagant pieces in day to day life is beautiful and should be practiced more in real life. I mean, she wore that insane, green checkered and fur-lined Charlotte Knowles jacket with Gucci trousers to go golfing (and killing, obviously). I am not a golfer but if I am ever to step foot on a golf course I know exactly what I will be wearing, and it is most definitely not a white skort and polo shirt.

My deep passion for fashion has been heightened since watching Killing Eve. I am truly inspired by Villanelle- not because of her psychopathic tendencies, but because of her confidence and ability to piece together unlikely items in casual settings. The vintage, black, sheer, Alexander Mcqueen gown in the woods. The Y/Project check coat with Chloe pants. The green, Satin Jason Wu coat in season 2. She served look after look and pulled it off with suave.

I think we can all learn a lesson for Ms. Oksana in the confidence and styling department. I can (and probably will) spend hours scrolling through Villanelle’s Closet on Instagram, pretending I own everything she wore. Compared to other shows with overrated wardrobes (mhm Emily in Paris), Killing Eve provides a genuine, interesting approach to styling, and has formulated real, genius outfits with incredibly talented designers. Big thank you to the costume designer Sam Perry for gracing us with Villanelles wardrobe- the show would absolutely not be the same without it. I strongly encourage you to watch the show, the Hulu subscription is very worth it.

2 die 4 brands right now

I am currently obsessed with a bunch of brands- both popular and lesser known- that I would love to own pieces from. There are so many small, unknown brands that deserve so much more recognition and I am hoping to contribute to that. These are my fav brands at the moment:

Nensi Dojaka I fell in love with this young designer after Bella Hadid wore one of her looks to the VMA’s earlier this year. Her style emits the same vibe as 90’s designers, and a lot of the interesting cuts and sheer pieces remind me of Mugler’s Spring 2020 collection. I am absolutely obsessed with every single piece and would kill to own one!

Dauphinette NYC I came across Dauphinette at a little boutique on Charles Street in Boston. She has the cutest accessories, the yellow mini Bon Bon Bag is what first caught my eye and I’m still so tempted to buy it. All of her products are incredibly unique and feminine and I am obsessed with it all, especially the accessories.

La Manso I have seen La Manso rings all over Instagram lately but was first introduced to them through Mia Regan. Ive been so into a chunky ring and these ones are all so unique, fun, and playful. I literally want to buy a billion and stack them- they go with every outfit!

Maimoun This brand has a very eclectic collection of products that appeal to all styles. I cannot pick a favorite piece but every single top and skirt from her latest collection is insane. She has a great mix of simple and printed designs which creates a nice balance.

Bode I associate Bode with Harry Styles because he wears it very often, and I am not mad about that. I love how the menswear pieces look amazing on all people and think it is great for establishing the principal that we can wear whatever we want regardless of who it was made for. She uses the most interesting prints and designs on each piece, and I love the vacation-y vibe I get from all the clothes. Obsessed.

House of Sunny This brand screams spring to me. I love the freshness of each piece, they all emit light and positivity. This is a sustainable brand that started gaining more attention this year after debuting ten years ago. I love the 70’s inspiration for the products- Im so obsessed with that retro vibe right now.

Von Dutch A classic brand! Being a 2000s baby, I have always been obsessed with all things 2000s and this brand is one of them thanks to my queen Paris Hilton. I noticed the iconic trucker hats started to make a return this year and am about to purchase one of my own, but they have so many other cute tanks and tops on their website. I am just in love with the whole ugly-cute fashion moment and Von Dutch is my favorite of all.

Anna Wintour’s Promotion

Lets talk Anna- the queen of fashion. Anna Wintour is easily one of the most powerful, influential forces in the fashion industry. Having been the Editor in Chief of US Vogue for over 30 years and global content advisor of Conde Nast since 2013, she was recently promoted to the chief content officer for the magazine conglomerate. This means she will be overseeing all brands under Conde Nast, including international editions. Wintour will stay close to Vogue given that she still holds her position as creative director, but this move is really for the purpose of unifying the US and global operations. She has had a very successful career in fashion and has entirely changed the landscape of the industry, mentoring some of todays brightest talents.

But, this appointment has stirred up a number of discussions. This has been a very turbulent year for Wintour and Conde Nast. Aside from the pandemic that resulted in lay offs at the company, Wintour received major backlash for discriminatory behavior and attitude. This is a very important conversation to be having, now more than ever, and is something that needs to be of focus within the industry. Fortunately, black models, designers, and those who work behind the scenes are getting more recognition and jobs in fashion but it is happening far too late and needs to continue to happen on a larger scale.

Another discussion has risen among high fashion fans regarding Anna’s position, specifically looking at her work the past few years. Speaking for just some fashion fans, not everyone has been pleased with recent Vogue publications, especially compared to the work of international editions. To that point, when you look at Vogue Greece and Vogue Italia publications next to Vogue US publications, there is a definite ranking that can be made and- spoiler- few would put US at the top. This boils down to many different people in different departments but it really has drawn people to question some of Wintour’s decisions as creative director in approving certain covers and pieces. I personally understand this argument and do believe some of Anna’s work has become a bit repetitive and boring. That is not, however, to discredit her massive influence and success, nor question her capabilities for her future endeavors. She is the most powerful woman in fashion, something that is not changing anytime soon, and I anticipate what she achieves in her new position.

My Fashion Icons

Fashion is an incredibly unique, creative experience for each and every person and it allows us to express who we are. We all have different styles, interests, and inspirations that make us all unique from one another. My earliest fashion statements involved graphic tees, UGG boots, and gauchos. Since those interesting choices, my style has transformed and continues to do so everyday, thanks to certain individuals whose outfits I LOVE! I often find myself scrolling through these peoples social media accounts, infatuated with their style and vibe. These are my personal favorite style icons!

Mia Regan

Mia Regan, known on social media as @mimimoocher, is a growing model and influencer who has a very unique, sustainable sense of style. She has been very vocal on her efforts to shop sustainably, citing Depop and thrift stores as some of her go-to shops. She has contributed to the latest trend of messy looking, colorful collages that Ive seen all over social media, some of which are pictured above. I first found out about Mia around this time last year and am so inspired by her “coolness.” She has a very effortless, vintage, eclectic style which I love. I am obsessed with her Instagram feed, and the un-uniform yet cohesive look it has.

Devon Lee Carlson

Devon- everyones favorite it girl. Her life seems like a dream and I am will forever want to be her. Her 2000s-vibe style is everything and she has the perfect mix of random baby tees and luxury items, most of which she purchases second hand.

Elsa Hosk

The OG Angel- Ms. Elsa Hosk. The top model/VS Angel has been one of my biggest inspirations for years, and her style never fails. It encompasses many different categories and each look establishes a unique mood. I love how she often incorporates a pop of color into her outfits, and LOVE her purse collection. My fav!!

Flora Jensen

I discovered Flora’s Instagram account through Frankie Stark’s and fell in love with her early-2000s inspired style. She looks good in everything and puts together the most relaxed yet chic looking outfits. obsessed.

Bella Hadid

I had way too much difficulty narrowing down which photos from Bella’s Instagram to include. If I could steal any ones wardrobe, I would hands down choose hers. She has a very unique, eclectic style and pairs pieces together I wouldn’t normally think of doing. Im absolutely obsessed with her and all her outfits!

Kendall Jenner

Ive been obsessed with the Kardashian-Jenner family since I was literally seven so it is no shock that KJ falls on my fashion icon list. I tend to like her looks that were probably created with the help of a stylist rather than her everyday looks, but either way she always serves. Im in love with her energy and vibe and it really contributes to the outfit.

Emma Chamberlain

Not trying to brag or anything but I am an OG Emma fan and have been obsessed with her style since her first Youtube videos. She is very creative with her outfits and is not afraid to take risks with what she wears. I don’t think she is taken as serious as it should when it comes to fashion, and think she is very much overlooked. She has largely shaped a whole generations sense of style and sense of humor, and she deserves more credit for that.

Staying Organized

Who me? Organized? My husband might tell you otherwise, but I do find it hard to keep track of our weekly schedule. You know: school, swimming, grocery shopping, tidying up, paying bills, remembering appointments and so on. Fortunately, in our house we all pitch in. No one person does everything. But we do have a little secret that helps our day run more smoothly.