2020’s biggest trends

2020 has been a year defined by TikTok, DIY, growth, and, of course, trends. The communal growth that occurred on the world stage was accompanied by personal growth, encompassing the realm of personal style. There is an entirely new look as to what people are wearing now compared to at the start of the year, and this shift is largely caused by the combination of social media, quarantine, and major changes on a global scale. In my opinion, these changes have resulted in two contradictory patterns: increased homogeneity in fashion and increased individuality in fashion. It doesn’t sound to make much sense but apps like TikTok have broadcasted certain fashion styles to hundreds of millions of people and social media influencers with major platforms have shared their personal tastes, resulting in many wearing the same things (which is not necessarily a bad thing). At the same time, the quarantine inspired creativity, confidence, openness, and personal growth- allowing for more unique style choices as well. Regardless, it has been a major year for fashion, but more so “local” fashion than high fashion-i.e. what teenagers and people are actually wearing (shocker- few 17 year olds are parading around in Valentino haute couture). This is my list of the biggest and my favorite (local) trends of 2020:

North Face Puffer Jackets

Puffer jackets in general have been huge this year, but North Face jackets have made a huge return- specifically the brown ones. Back in 2010, I was a frequent wearer of the fleece North Face jackets and never did I think they would return to popularity on the scale that they have. I love this trend and wish I lived in a colder climate just so I could wear them. Brown is my favorite color so I of course love the brown ones, but all of them are adorable and have made wearing puffy jackets so cool!

Sweatsuit Matching Sets

Ah, 2020- the year of comfort. Matching sweatsuits have gradually grown in popularity but the pandemic inspired a whole new obsession with them in so many people. You just cannot go wrong with a comfy yet cute outfit paired with a pair of sneakers and a nice coat. I often find myself wearing comfy clothes like leggings rather than wearing actual outfits that I spend my money on, but I have made an exception for a good sweatsuit. Boys Lie, Cherry Los Angeles, Madlove, and Madhappy have some of the cutest matching sets I’ve seen.

Fuzzy Bags

These fuzzy bags have been huge this year and are a prime example of new DIY-based businesses that came about during quarantine. The first months of quarantine acted as a period of inspiration for many people and lead to a huge number of new small businesses in which young people are selling handmade products- bags, jewelry, tops, everything. There are countless online stores and Depop shops that sell these and they are great to purchase, not only because they are so cute, but because doing so supports small businesses.

Baby Tees

My collection of baby tees seems to grow bigger every single day. I truly think I have an obsession with the simplicity yet sass of a good baby tee. They are so easy to pair and make outfits out of which I love; for a simple outfit, you cannot go wrong with a little tee and cool pair of pants, and for a more thought out one, they look amazing with a little mini skirt or with some layers. Unif and Brandy Melville have some really cute ones, but I recommend looking on Depop for them- there is a huge collection, you can find unique, vintage ones (like my favorites by Dior), and it is sustainable. There are just so many ways to style them and they scream early 2000s, catering to my obsession with that era. Leading me too….


The early 2000s are BACK- my favoriteee! I am a 2000s baby so maybe I am more inclined to love this era, but y2k fashion is out of this world. I know not everyone loves it like I do, but I just think there is something about the sensual, girly, playful y2k aesthetic that makes it a complete hit. Low waisted bottoms, mini logo bags, baby tees, little lace-lined tanks- I am obsessed with all of it. I am ecstatic this has been such a big trend in 2020 and hope to see it last through 2021. It is such an all encompassing era of fashion and I think we can all learn from the carefree playfulness of fashion during that time. Thank you Paris and Nicole for raising me and influencing every single interest of mine :)))))

Colorful/Euphoria Makeup

Colorful eyeshadow and eyeliner!!! I am obsessed with this new style of makeup and must give credit to, one of my favorite shows, Euphoria. Beyond just the makeup, the entire vibe of Euphoria is incomparable to other shows and the wardrobe, music, and characters are just as influential and spot on. The makeup, though, inspired an entire TikTok trend dedicated to replicating Euphoria makeup looks to a Labrinth sound. The ones pictured are not as intense or dramatic as the glitter and rhinestone looks that Cassie and Maddy rocked, but they are still so gorgeous and definitely influenced by the colorful, unique Euphoria eye looks. I am obsessed with a thin line of color under the eye or in the inner corner, and am obsessed with experimenting with different looks.


I live in a very small town where fashion is not much of a thing at all, so I sort of judge the extent of style trends by whether or not people in my town are partaking or not. If I see more than five people at my high school following a trend, I know it is huge and that is the case with Nike Jordans. They have always been popular but this year has definitely seen a major increase in sales. There are so many different colors, styles, designs, and ways to style them which makes them more interesting than Air Forces in my opinion. There is a whole new sneaker culture that has been acknowledged by all levels of fashion- luxury included- and Jordan 1’s have been a major contributor to that growth. My hung-up-on-white-low-top-converse-town has finally moved on and embraced more than one type of shoe. Thank you Michael Jordan!

Yoga Pants

Yet another early 2000’s trend that has made its return- yoga pants. My babysitter when I was younger was the poster-child for y2k fashion and frequented in yoga pants and juicy tracksuits (an honorable mention on this list). I’ve dreamed of the return of the “flared leggings”- a term that has been picked up by some younger Gen-Z TikTokers- for years. These pants are just so flattering and make it so much easier to dress up a casual, comfy fit. I will defend yoga pants til the day I die- catch me wearing them in the grave.

Trucker Hats

I have been very vocal on here about my love for Von Dutch and trucker hats. This brand and this trend are, unsurprisingly, a staple in y2k fashion. I have been obsessed with every Von Dutch item Paris Hilton rocked in the early 2000s since I was little and I’m so happy this iconic brand is back! I have about three trucker hats picked out on their website that I’m choosing between buying because, even if this trend dies down in the coming months, I will gladly wear a VD trucker. There are so many other brands that have cute, more affordable ones for sale as well, and they go good with every single outfit. Pro-tip: Always check Depop before splurging on an item, especially these hats, because there are so many for sale there that are cheaper, cuter, and, once again, sustainable.

Little Braids

The new beauty trend to mix in random little braids towards the framing pieces of hair is so cute and adds so much to a simple hair-down look. I am not good at doing my hair and have very messy, unmanageable locks so I love the beginner-friendliness of this style. I really feel like this is a timeless trend that can be recreated in so many different ways on so many different levels of intricacy and effort. Love this look always!

Honorable Mentions:

  • The color brown
  • fuzzy bucket hats
  • sweater vests
  • visible thongs
  • knit lingerie
  • kitschy sweaters

If you’re on TikTok you more than likely have seen these trends circulating at one point or another during this year. I love this newfound sense of entrepreneurship and creativity that sprouted during quarantine and I support all of the young, small designers who are contributing to the new band of shops. I would love for you to share your favorite trends of 2020 and make sure to stay tuned for my 2021 trend predictions!

Published by Fashionably Kate

Hi!!! My name is Kate and I am finally pursuing my love for fashion with a blog! I have wanted to do this for so long and now, as a 17-year-old ready to graduate soon, it feels like the perfect time to do it. I will talk about all things fashion, ranging from my personal style to collections and designers that I love. I'm so excited to get into this and delve into the world of fashion!

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