Villanelle from Killing Eve has the BEST Wardrobe on TV

Maybe it was the fitting extravagance of the clothes or Jodie Comer’s striking ability to pull them off, but Villanelle’s wardrobe in Killing Eve may be my favorite out of every show I’ve seen and every character I’ve fallen in love with. Like most people who’ve seen the show, I am obsessed with Villanelle and I am even more obsessed with her eclectic, colorful clothes that added life to every single scene. There is something about an international assassin prancing around in a fluorescent pink Molly Goddard tool dress and Balenciaga boots that speaks to me. 

I can relate to her shopping addiction- many of us can- and I am grateful for her immaculate sense of style as it added the greatest playful energy to the show. I am a professional binge watcher and I’ve seen my fair share of crime dramas, but Villanelle is on another level for many reasons, one of course being her frivolous fashion choices. I can appreciate any good, charismatic villain- but I especially appreciate a fashionable one.

Her casualty in wearing extravagant pieces in day to day life is beautiful and should be practiced more in real life. I mean, she wore that insane, green checkered and fur-lined Charlotte Knowles jacket with Gucci trousers to go golfing (and killing, obviously). I am not a golfer but if I am ever to step foot on a golf course I know exactly what I will be wearing, and it is most definitely not a white skort and polo shirt.

My deep passion for fashion has been heightened since watching Killing Eve. I am truly inspired by Villanelle- not because of her psychopathic tendencies, but because of her confidence and ability to piece together unlikely items in casual settings. The vintage, black, sheer, Alexander Mcqueen gown in the woods. The Y/Project check coat with Chloe pants. The green, Satin Jason Wu coat in season 2. She served look after look and pulled it off with suave.

I think we can all learn a lesson for Ms. Oksana in the confidence and styling department. I can (and probably will) spend hours scrolling through Villanelle’s Closet on Instagram, pretending I own everything she wore. Compared to other shows with overrated wardrobes (mhm Emily in Paris), Killing Eve provides a genuine, interesting approach to styling, and has formulated real, genius outfits with incredibly talented designers. Big thank you to the costume designer Sam Perry for gracing us with Villanelles wardrobe- the show would absolutely not be the same without it. I strongly encourage you to watch the show, the Hulu subscription is very worth it.

Published by Fashionably Kate

Hi!!! My name is Kate and I am finally pursuing my love for fashion with a blog! I have wanted to do this for so long and now, as a 17-year-old ready to graduate soon, it feels like the perfect time to do it. I will talk about all things fashion, ranging from my personal style to collections and designers that I love. I'm so excited to get into this and delve into the world of fashion!

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