2 die 4 brands right now

I am currently obsessed with a bunch of brands- both popular and lesser known- that I would love to own pieces from. There are so many small, unknown brands that deserve so much more recognition and I am hoping to contribute to that. These are my fav brands at the moment:

Nensi Dojaka I fell in love with this young designer after Bella Hadid wore one of her looks to the VMA’s earlier this year. Her style emits the same vibe as 90’s designers, and a lot of the interesting cuts and sheer pieces remind me of Mugler’s Spring 2020 collection. I am absolutely obsessed with every single piece and would kill to own one!

Dauphinette NYC I came across Dauphinette at a little boutique on Charles Street in Boston. She has the cutest accessories, the yellow mini Bon Bon Bag is what first caught my eye and I’m still so tempted to buy it. All of her products are incredibly unique and feminine and I am obsessed with it all, especially the accessories.

La Manso I have seen La Manso rings all over Instagram lately but was first introduced to them through Mia Regan. Ive been so into a chunky ring and these ones are all so unique, fun, and playful. I literally want to buy a billion and stack them- they go with every outfit!

Maimoun This brand has a very eclectic collection of products that appeal to all styles. I cannot pick a favorite piece but every single top and skirt from her latest collection is insane. She has a great mix of simple and printed designs which creates a nice balance.

Bode I associate Bode with Harry Styles because he wears it very often, and I am not mad about that. I love how the menswear pieces look amazing on all people and think it is great for establishing the principal that we can wear whatever we want regardless of who it was made for. She uses the most interesting prints and designs on each piece, and I love the vacation-y vibe I get from all the clothes. Obsessed.

House of Sunny This brand screams spring to me. I love the freshness of each piece, they all emit light and positivity. This is a sustainable brand that started gaining more attention this year after debuting ten years ago. I love the 70’s inspiration for the products- Im so obsessed with that retro vibe right now.

Von Dutch A classic brand! Being a 2000s baby, I have always been obsessed with all things 2000s and this brand is one of them thanks to my queen Paris Hilton. I noticed the iconic trucker hats started to make a return this year and am about to purchase one of my own, but they have so many other cute tanks and tops on their website. I am just in love with the whole ugly-cute fashion moment and Von Dutch is my favorite of all.

Published by Fashionably Kate

Hi!!! My name is Kate and I am finally pursuing my love for fashion with a blog! I have wanted to do this for so long and now, as a 17-year-old ready to graduate soon, it feels like the perfect time to do it. I will talk about all things fashion, ranging from my personal style to collections and designers that I love. I'm so excited to get into this and delve into the world of fashion!

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