Anna Wintour’s Promotion

Lets talk Anna- the queen of fashion. Anna Wintour is easily one of the most powerful, influential forces in the fashion industry. Having been the Editor in Chief of US Vogue for over 30 years and global content advisor of Conde Nast since 2013, she was recently promoted to the chief content officer for the magazine conglomerate. This means she will be overseeing all brands under Conde Nast, including international editions. Wintour will stay close to Vogue given that she still holds her position as creative director, but this move is really for the purpose of unifying the US and global operations. She has had a very successful career in fashion and has entirely changed the landscape of the industry, mentoring some of todays brightest talents.

But, this appointment has stirred up a number of discussions. This has been a very turbulent year for Wintour and Conde Nast. Aside from the pandemic that resulted in lay offs at the company, Wintour received major backlash for discriminatory behavior and attitude. This is a very important conversation to be having, now more than ever, and is something that needs to be of focus within the industry. Fortunately, black models, designers, and those who work behind the scenes are getting more recognition and jobs in fashion but it is happening far too late and needs to continue to happen on a larger scale.

Another discussion has risen among high fashion fans regarding Anna’s position, specifically looking at her work the past few years. Speaking for just some fashion fans, not everyone has been pleased with recent Vogue publications, especially compared to the work of international editions. To that point, when you look at Vogue Greece and Vogue Italia publications next to Vogue US publications, there is a definite ranking that can be made and- spoiler- few would put US at the top. This boils down to many different people in different departments but it really has drawn people to question some of Wintour’s decisions as creative director in approving certain covers and pieces. I personally understand this argument and do believe some of Anna’s work has become a bit repetitive and boring. That is not, however, to discredit her massive influence and success, nor question her capabilities for her future endeavors. She is the most powerful woman in fashion, something that is not changing anytime soon, and I anticipate what she achieves in her new position.

Published by Fashionably Kate

Hi!!! My name is Kate and I am finally pursuing my love for fashion with a blog! I have wanted to do this for so long and now, as a 17-year-old ready to graduate soon, it feels like the perfect time to do it. I will talk about all things fashion, ranging from my personal style to collections and designers that I love. I'm so excited to get into this and delve into the world of fashion!

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